Improv Everywhere

What is Improv Everywhere?


A practically joke group based in New York, America. They pull of harmless stunts that they call missions. There acts include multiple actors called agents. The group was founded in 2001 by Charlie Todd and there slogan is "We Cause Scenes". They go out and pull pranks such as No Pants where people ride the subway with no trousers. Frozen Grand Central where 207 agents froze in the subway for 5 minuets then just carry on as normal. Ted's Birthday when they chose a random stranger and threw him a Birthday Party in a New York bar. Anton Chekhov was another one where an agent pretended to be a famous Russian play write who died over a century ago, he did a reading and signed some books, people believed him. The Moebius was when a small group of agents gathered in Costa Coffee and replayed the same scene every 5 minuets for an hour. Best Buy was an occasion when a group of 80 agents came into a shop called Best Buy dressed exactly the same as the shop staff, if asked if they worked at the shop they would say no but they would answer questions for customers. They are a group designed to go out much like a flash mob and amuse commuters.

Charlie Todd: Now this year we are gathered here as Improv Everywhere to take off our pants on the subway so anyone who isn't here to take off your pants your in the wrong place.


Dude 1: Hey, did you see that bunch of weirdos ridding the subway with no pants yesterday.

Dude 2: Yeh, they there were like, well odd.

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