In The Wind

What is In The Wind?


1. always on the move.

Man, your folks are never at home.

I know they stay in the wind


On the run; hiding from the law

Once he heard popo had a warrant on him, he was in the wind.

See running, hiding, wind, police, on the run


to disappear, unable to be found

Where's your boyftiend?

I dunno, in the wind

See missing, lost, gone, F.J.


1.To gossip about someone. 2. To spread rumors. 3.To tell someones personal business and it spreads all around the school,job or church, etc.

Means the same as putting someone on Blast; as with a loud speaker.

Example: I told my best friend I was cheating on my boyfriend. Next thing I know she has my business all up in the wind.

See gossip, blast, lies, hearsay


1. Something or to do something very bad.

That math test was In the Wind!

Never piss in the wind.

See piss, wind, in the wind, bad, shitty, terrible


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