What is Inamorata?


A woman whom one is in love with; a mistress.

Inamorata comes from Italian innamorata, feminine of innamorato, from the past participle of innamorare, "to inspire with love," from in- (from Latin) + amore, "love" (from Latin amor, from amare, "to love"). A man with whom one is in love is an inamorato.

"If our lips should meet, innamorata, kiss me, kiss me sweet, innamorata,

Hold me close and say you're mine with a love as warm as wine.

I'm at heaven's door, inamorata, want you more and more, inamorata.

You're a symphony, a very beautiful sonata, my inamorata,

Say you're my sweetheart, my love." - Frank Sinatra

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