What is Incubus?


A band that has mastered the art of reinvention by creating albums that each have their own sense of creativity.

A band with life-changing lyrics which inspire the youth.

A band with a unique and distinct sound that doesn't play like any other.

Incubus has remained an ever-changing and developing band throughout their history, evolving their sound and lyrical content through each of their four full-length albums, various EPs, soundtrack work and home DVDs.


A man tempter and the counterpart to a Succubus. He is thought to seek sexual intercourse with sleeping women. The Incubus (as well as Succubus) were thought to be fallen angels, looking foir revenge. Demons, witches and deformed children were the supposed outcome of intercourse with a Incubus (succubus). Merlin is thought to be the outcome of such an interaction.

If you wake at night with extreme vaginal pains, you have probly had an incounter with an Incubus.


Incubus is a demon that rapeswomen in their sleep. It is to put in simple terms, the male form of the succubus.

Incubus is also an amazing rock band. They have not only amazing music, but great lyrics and vocals that tie it all together. Over the years they have been changing and evolving, but they have yet to release anything disappointing to their fans.

I am seeing Incubus in concert!

Girl: Ouch... My vagina aches...

Boy: It was the Incubus, I swear... (whistles innocently)


The Gods of Rock


A wonderful band, with some of the most pondersome and meaningful lyrics ever written.

Lead singer- Brandon Boyd

Guitarist- Mike Einziger,Bassist Ben Kenney

Turntables -Dj Chris Kilmore

Drummer- Jose Pasillas.

Originally Alex "Dirk Lance" Katunich on bass, up until after Morning View. Dj Lyfe(Gavin Koppel)on turntables before being kicked out, and replaced with DJ Kilmore


Fungus Amongus

Enjoy Incubus


Make Yourself

Morning View

A Crow Left of the Murder

Man, Incubus makes me cream my pants with the sheer goodness of it!

See heather



1.A Dude or Devil or Dumbass that rapes women in their sleep

2.A Cool Kick ass Band leaded by Brandon Boyd and with guitarist Mike Einziger,Bassist Ben Kenney,Turntables Dj Chris Kilmore. and Drummer Jose Pasillas.

Original line up

Brandon Boyd(singer(still in the band)

Mike Einziger(guitarist(still in the band

Alex'Dirk Lance'Katunich(Bassist(Left the Band)

Joe Pasillas(Drummer(Still in the band)

Dj Lyfe(Gavin Koppel)(turntables)(Kicked out)

then the departure of dj lyf came dj kilmore which when he came in the band made Make Yourself and then Dirk left and Ben Kenney of the roots and blackalicuous came in and they made a new album A Corw Left Of The Murder

1.Roar or something

2.Incubus kicks ass


the best band ever that writes the best songs you will ever read or listen to. a group that will always get better with time. rock on dudes, rock on!

stellar, nebula, REDEFINE, azwethinkweiz, and warning are great songs by incubus


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