Inf Ninja

What is Inf Ninja?


(noun) 1. a player of the online FPS Infiltration who displays a marked ability to kill an opponent with great speed at close ranges. often while armed with a knife.

2. a player that fires on opposition forces to great effect, while moving or concealed in deep shadows.

3. a player who kills most or all of the enemy team without being shot or disabled. Often a veteran that is picking up slack for a nooband deserves praise.

4. a skilled INF player who commands respect, despite using overt tactics.

5. used derogatorily towards players that uses cheap or cheesy ambush tactics that do not reveal their location. Also a player that does not give quarter, especially in the first few seconds of combat, when quarter may be due.

6. any person or object stealthy, skilled, armed with a gun, treacherous or otherwise similar to an INF ninja.

1. Dude, no way you can kill him with that knife. Holy shit you just did! you are an INF ninja!

2. Who, I almost shot you man. you're an INF ninja in those shadows.

3. Oh snaps! our INF ninja is taking tan-team OUT!!

4. Watch out, that guy with the SAWis an INF ninja.

5. Arg! I take ten steps and I'm dead. Damn INF ninjas!

6. Man, those guys in the film Returner were INF ninjas.

See Lt.


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