What is Influx?


A mass arrival or incoming, be it of people or experience.

"I just moved from Ohio to Massachusetts. And wow, its like I am on a whole 'nother world. I'm seeing it all, Latinos, Italians, Asians... all speaking in their native languages even!... I'm like in a state of wowness right now."

"Sounds like you're experiencing a cultural influx."

See experience, incoming, change, influx


increase in fluxuations commonly reffering to global warming and fluxuating the orbit of the earth in small amounts

1.The influx of the orbit of the earth is minimal corrispoding to the sun.

See global warming, flux, earth, sun


an angry Brit who, with seeming randomness, will either help you with your coding or berate you in to tears.

influx just told me to fuck off, but then he helped me with my javascript


a fat fucking mexican whom I love with all my heart

omfg influx marry meh!

See proto


a little bitch with a big jeep that thinks he rules all.

influx is my bitch

See eXesiv


Me; ignore all preceeding and proceeding definitions as they are incorrect.

Influx, level 90+ wizard on iRO Chaos.


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