What is Integra?


The former entry level vehicle for Honda Motor Co. luxury line Acura. Replaced by the RSX, the Acura Integra is a favorite pick among the import performance crowd. Statistically one of the most favorite cars among thieves.


In the United States, the Acura Integra was a sporty small car produced from 1986-2001. In 2002, the Integra was replaced by the RSX. In Japan, where the Acura nameplate does not exist, the car always has been known as the Honda Integra.

A popular car among the import modification scene. For a relatively small investment, one can buy an Integra and build it up to be a very fast drag car or autocrossing/road racing car.

Consumer Reports has consistently rated the RSX & Integra as "Best Buys" for their solid reliability and excellent resale value.

The Integra is mechnically similar to the Honda Civic, which is another reason why it is popular in the import scene -- many parts are swappable.

In recent years, the Integra (particularly the faster GS-R and Type R models) have become targets for theft. This has driven insurance rates on those cars sky-high. Many "chop shops" steal these cars, strip them of all parts, and then re-sell these parts to friends, on eBay, etc. Of the most value are the engines, which routinely sell for $2500 or more.

"Damn man, Tegs are sweet cars."

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Beginning as the Quint Integra in 1985 in Japan, the Integra was shipped to the U.S. in 1986. In 1985, for trim models were produced, GS, GSi, ZS, and LS, all having carburation except the injected GSi, hence the i standing four injection, believe it or not...In 1986 the GS was discontinued, and replaced with the RSi, also injected...In 1987, the GS returned, the RSi discontinued and introduced were the VX and RX models, both of which had a cross flow 12-valve SOHC with carburator...

Integra's are acceptable...

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A discontinued sport/small sedan from Honda's Acura line. Dating back to 1985, The Integra was stocked with long lasting and quality stock parts. Most often a luxury car, featuring power windows, quality stereo systems, and sunroofs even in it's earlier models. The type of car that can last up to 15 years with no maitence other then an oil change.

My completely stock 91 integra smoked your suped up fuckin mustang

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A model by the Acura/Honda company. Has models as GSR ,Type R , LS and GS. Very popular among the import crowd. Usually is found with turbo's. One of the best FWD cars that can be driven everyday.

Yo that integra has a turbo ? You drive it everyday ? Dang man its the ultimate mom's/dad's car niggs !


Valene Marie said:


Plan and simple !!!

I bought an Integra and spent 5 grand more than the civic

well i bought a 93 inetegra almost new for $700. i mean i can see if you upgrade it with a kit and all the other upgrades especially in the motor it could get expensive but just buying the car it isn't that bad.

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The main character in the anime/manga Hellsing, and the sexiest woman ever.

Even straight girls love Integra.

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