Internet Crybaby

What is Internet Crybaby?


Internet Crybaby - A person who disagrees with something they see, read, or stumble upon while browsing the internet. Upon feeling this disagreement, internet crybabies typically express that disagreement under their online alias by using their keyboard when they otherwise would not have expressed such distaste in person. Internet Crybabies typically forget what they were crying abount after a month or two have passed as this is their nature. When pressed further to give sufficient evidence for their opinions, Internet Crybabies typically resort to cliche and meaningless statements to divert your attack. Though Internet Crybabies raise valid points with their html, the delivery of those points often show that they have no idea what they're talking about. Internet crybabies can be found in forums, Blogs, online journals, and friendship networking sites.

"Have you read Steve69's latest Blog on Bush's plan to remove Social Security?"

"Yeah, he's an internet crybaby."


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