Internet Fart Chair

What is Internet Fart Chair?


Basically, a chair ususually used by

a geek, nerd, or gamer designed for

sitting long durations in front of a computer.

The "fart" comes in because typically

the padding in the chair retains the

residual flatulence which is outputted

into the chair over a long period of time by the owner.

Often times an IFC will also have holes

or other defects in it, sometimes an

arm missing, torn/holes in fabric, etc, but despite all the damage and/or smell,

the user will typically keep an IFC around until the chair starts to

deteriorate to the point of being


Cloth-padded chairs tend to fit the IFC

profile more perfectly since leather tends to make the fart smell "bounce off" the chair instead of getting trapped inside the padding. A true

internet fart chair may even retain the

fart smell for years.

"James finally retired his beloved

Internet Fart Chair after months of

evercrack caused the arms of the

chair to loosen and break off. "


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