Inverted Penis

What is Inverted Penis?


When a mans penis is in hibernation all year round and never gets to see the time of day...and the only way to see the head of the penis is to push in the belly button of the person who has the inverted penis.

Hey guys, why cant we ever see Jareds dick?

Because he has an inverted penis that is in hibernation.

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When some bitch is all nasty like a hoe ass hoe bitch and you start to get a boner at first cuz she looks got then shes a stanky bitch and ur shit goes inverted and basically turns into a vagina.

Ah, that bitch was nasty, i got an inverted penis now, fuck fuckity fuck fuck, damn bitch.


Gary: Hey t-bag tom? is that bitch makin ur penis inverted?

Tom: Ha, yup!

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