What is Iocw?


IOCW-Individual Objective Combat Weapon-

A sic but really ugly new assault weapon from H&K combining a low-velocity 20mm "cannon" and a 5.56mm (.223 Rem.) in one unit. The 5.56mm version is actually a modified G36 with an adapter to accept M16 (NATO standard) magazines, and has a 10-inch barrel which somehow seems a bit on the short side to me. The cool aspects are the night vision sights, the 20mm shells that can be "programmed" to explode at a certain distance (i.e. over an enemy foxhole...or police cruiser) showering the ground below with jagged metal fragments. Also, the entire 5.56mm unit can be detached from the bulky 20mm unit, and used as a hand held assault pistol/submachine gun, albeit being a bit uncomfortable.

I just bought me a new OICW, and I'm gonna go blow some shit UP!


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