What is Ipswich?


(n.) A small town on the ocean with nothing to do but go on burnrides up the neck and never leave. Maybe if you're lucky you can hang out at the point with the V.I.P. club. If you go there, flip off Jardis.

Never leaving Ipswich.


An obscure town on the northern coast of Massachusetts with nothing to do in it which means everyone just smokes a bunch of weed and gets smashed all the time... works for me.

Ipswich is a way cool place to be


Boring town in Suffolk, England where I happen to live.

Whenever I step out my front door (about once a week), I see Ipswich everywhere!


There is an Ipswich in England, Australia and America.

Ile define the closest one to me;

Ipswich - A larger town in the central area of Suffolk, England. A nice town with a great reputation and is continuingly becoming a better community.

With nice views like the Orwel Bridge and nice country side and a great town.

Ipswich is a lovely town in England!

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Town on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia. (also known as ippy Mainly inhabited by bogans. used to be prosperous coal mining town but the coal dried up and the miners stayed - now famous for its centrelink and large scale welfare depenancy. Also known as "the hole" and "the dump". The town centre is almost as grubby as the bogans that inabit the city

A:Ahh crap i gotta go down to ipswich for work.

B: Bad luck mate - dont get sucked into the welfare drain!


A nice ass town in Massachusetts in which there are very little Cool Teen Hangouts like a Denny's or Mall, resulting in a youth population that participates in very few group activities other than smoking weed, going to Marty's Donut Land at 2AM, or bitching about the lack of things to do in Ipswich.

Older working residents of the town are either grating towniesthat listen to nothing but shitty classic rock on WZLX or liberals that drive hybrid cars, put their groceries in NPRtote bags, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring poorly-designed colonial homes. Though a sizeable segment of the youth population works, their income is generally disposable, resulting in a largely weed-based local economy.

Highlights of this town include Crane's Beach (one of the nicest on the East Coast), the trails in Bradley Palmer State Park, several open spaces with expansive views of Great Neck, and Pavillion Beach. Ipswich is within biking distance of several other bucolic North Shore coastal towns such as Gloucester, Manchester, and Essex. However, enjoying these things generally requires waking up and gathering your friends before 10AM, which is Hard.

God damnit! There's nothing to in Ipswich but smoke weed! Hey, want to take my mom's Prius down to Pavillion and smoke a bowl? She just gave me my allowance so we could totally buy some. Do you know anyone who sells weed?

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adjective: of, or pertaining to, a prostitute or the appearance of a prostitute

etymology: the Ipswich prostitute murders made the town synonymous with vice (despite the total number of street women being extremely small)

'Did you see that smackhead girl on the bus with the massive earrings and overgelled croydon facelift?'

'Yeah, she was totally Ipswich'.

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