What is Irena?


A woman who understands others very well. Historically, the name is derived from Hungarian St. Irena, the bringer of humane peace. In Greek 'Irena' literally means ' peace.' This is a classic European women's name.

Typically Irenas' are willful, bright, loyal, and gorgeous women. They desire a serene, tasteful life, filled with many exotic escapades.

Every Irena I know is an wonderful person.. you'd be lucky to meet at least one in your life. . .

See irene, irina, gorgeous, loyal, smart, fun, charming, social, cultured, funny


A murderous vampire type person.

Person A:"...why do her eyes glow at night time...?"

Person B:"..seems to me she must be Irena.."

See irena, murderous, vampire, evil, scary


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