What is Irican?


A person of both Mexican and Irish blood. Though this mix seems un-common, Irish mercenaries have been known to have been employed by the Mexican government in several historical events. Though I am American, I am 50% Irish and 50% Mexican. I am, on both sides, 2 generations to 8+ generations removed. I am American and both Irish and Mexican. In the Mexican-American War several Irish mercenaries were used to fight the U.S. They were known as St. Patrick/San Patricia Brigades. All Irish caught were thus killed immediately due to Irish-American relations at the time. Also, see Mic-Spic

Person: "Ryan is one fine Irican, you know, an Irish Mexican."

Person 1: "Yo, that chick is so FINE!"

Person 2: "Yeah man, you wanna know why?"

Person 1: "Yeah, why?"

Person 2: "She's an Irican, a half Irish, half Mexican"

Person 1: "So that's why she got's all the right curves, I mean, I just wanna touch, oh so much."

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Term generally applied to anybody descended of Irish heritage as well as Hispanic. (I.E., Mexican, Puerto Rican, Argentinian, etc.)

The Irish settled all over the Americas, not just North America, as is commonly believed. Those that settled, and mixed in with the Hispanic nations, are sometimes referred to as "Irican".

The term also applies to anybody, regardless of nationality, who has both Hispanic and Irish blood.

An Irican's liver is in far worse condition than other Irish folks, due to the fact that they drink whiskey in addition to tequila.

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Puerto Rican / Irish person.

LiZziE get ur irican ass over here!!


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