Irish Person

What is Irish Person?


1. An elderly man living under the iron fist of an authoritarian regime dedicated to taking away his access to hot chocolate.

2. Anyone who is or ever has been homeschooled.

3. One who can see through the BS spouted by his superiors in the workplace, but cannot hope to compete with them due to his rapidly receding hairline.

1. IRISH PERSON: If only they didn't have televisions everywhere. Then, I'd be able to take down Big Brother, and get all the chocolate I ever wanted.

2. HOMESCHOOLED IRISH KID: Well, hello there, fellow chap! I'm feeling mighty jolly. *invades normal kid's personal space*

NORMAL KID: I have to go... fix, uh... my, um, dog. Yeah.

3. Scott Adams was demoted to janitorial duty when he went bald. He then quit his job and made the Dilbert comics, not to mention a business book about how the modern American workplace revolves around BS.

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