What is Irish-american Tourists?


Easily distinguished by their white shirts tucked into their beigh shorts, whilst wearing sandles with white socks pulled up as far as they can possibly go, almost never seen without a camera draped around their neck

-did you see those irish-american tourists?

-its hard to miss, look at the state of them

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Irish-American tourists who wish Ireland is full of leapercans, drink the horse piss that is Guinness, 90% are over weight and expect that everyone in Ireland has red hair and freckles.

But when they step foot on Irish soil they realize that this isn't true. Ireland is overly expensive, constantly rains, full of our fellow E.U. members and Chinese, Polish, Romanians, Nigerians, Russians, Indians and the occasinaly Brazilian. In Dublin more people speak Mandarin and Polish then English

(Irish-American tourists to long lost Irish relative) I didn't know that our great-grandfather wasn't really that Irish.....

(Irish relative) What the fuck did you expect! Our family name is De Venn Nether

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