What is Ironical?


Comically antiquated variation on 'ironic' presently used most often to emphasise the unseriousness of a point. 'Ironical', like many nouns accepting the -ical adjectival suffix (e.g., poetical, hermetical, etc.) fell into disuse in favour of the shorter -ic form (e.g., poetic, hermetic, etc.) in Early Modern English. The anachronistic 'ironical' is therefore most commonly used in current speech to suggest the absurdity of an expression.

Speaker 1: That...that doesn't make much sense.

Speaker 2: Yes, one might even suspect, for example, that I was being ironical!

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an adjectival variation of ironic

The ironical thing is that most people think ironical is an improper form of ironic.


ironic and comical

It's ironical that your husbands boss is your ex lover.

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just like ironic, only with an "al" because A) it sounds better and B) it's used in catcher in the rye so it must be a good enough word for me to use every day because i do anyways cause it sounds like a friggin' word.

how ironical!

See kerrie


Hick and retarded usage of the word "ironic."

Illiterate and unintelligent people use "ironical" because they are so ignorant that they dont see that ironic is a tense of irony.

Isn't it ironic that some major english professors use "ironical" in speeches?

Isn't it ironic that some major english professors use "ironical" in speeches?


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