What is Ishbu?


slang for shit

Ayo when you gonna take down that ishbu? shit

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ISHBU pronounced ish boo

that guy who works behind the coutner at any of the following


7 11


name a gas station

two 4(store 24)

They also seem to monopolize these places:


neighborhood markets

yo i forgot my ID and ishbu wont give me my cigs

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Most commonly associated with Fifi and Mommy Wuffles. Living with Fifis, tall, odd, and has strage dents in one eye. Occasionaly seen making a spectalcle of himself in celebrations for young ones, clingign to wufflesmaking loud noises.

Also a slang term for a young creature seen over time with Fifi.

Ishbu gave him a dollar so he could come visit Fifi.


stoner matt

why you ask for my pants? i already gave them to you!

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