Isiah Marvin Ang

What is Isiah Marvin Ang?


probably the ugliest creature that mother nature created.

okay, let's start from his top:

he's got a very old-fashioned hair-style which is parted in the middle, and it's always greasy and un manageable.

he's eyes, are well...super tight that he almost cant see,(maybe thats why he still thinks hes good looking in the mirror)

he's nose is uber flat and his nose hair are soo long that they come out of his nostrils,

his ears is soo oddly shaped, almost like an elf, and he never cleans them and its full of wax, thats why he cant hardly hear,

his lips are coloured violet/blue and they are no longer reddish and they are always dry,

his tooth is broken and he talks in a funny way,

his neck, his nape is soo dark no matter how he uses skin lighteners,

his entire body is mostly composed of fats, and his penis is only 2 inches i think, and his thighs ares soo skinny and his body shape is soo awkward. and his clothing, um...they are sooo 5 years ago.

he is beautiful, no matter what they say...

yes words wont bring him down...

so dont you bring him down, today...

See nicky


a not hot gay boy, who wants to be like cher at first, and then jessica simpson, and after watching that movie bring it on, he suddenly likes to be kirsten dunst. he then wanted to become a cheerleader even though he's sooo fat!

isiah: OMG! is that kirsten dunst!

isiah: stop calling me marvin, from now on my name is jessica simpson.

*then he tells everyone to call him jessica simpson and gets so angry if called marvn*

See nicky


A person who loves shortening words,


lol = laugh out loud,

brb = be right back,

But now he has been using words and doesn't really care if it becomes shorter or longer, as long as he spelled them incorrectly. Anything that came be done to be grammatically incorrect will be done.

1)"g"s at the end of a word are often dropped.

2)"s"s are are often replaced with "z"s.

3)Randomly, "0"s replace "o"s,

"3"s replace "e"s and

"1"s replace "l"s.

azn azian azen - asain

flip - philipino

pinoy pnoy - philipino boy

pinay pinai pnay pnai - philipino girl

vt gook viet vi3t - vietnamese

chink - chinese

jap - japanese

ish - is

dey - they

der dur - they're

hurr - here

n - and

ane - an

wut wat whu - what

dis - this

itz - it's

da - the

dat - that

swt swe3t - sweet

mi meh meeh me3h - me

imma ima - im going to

lil - little

iono i dunno - i don't know

knoe - know

boi boiz bois - boy/boys

guh gurl gurlz gurls - girl/girls

gurly gurlie - girly

mai mah - my

kute kyoot - cute

bak bac bacc - back

fo fer - for

realz - real

ame12ica - america

kali4nia - california

balla - baller - basketball player

ladie ladee - lady

xtasy - estasy

shiet shiit - shit

aiight - all right

tiite tiight - tight

onlee onl3e - only

wer - we are

r - are

u yooh yoh chu - you

blu blu3 bloo - blue

bootay bootie booty - ass

sexxie sex-e sesie - sexy

babie babee - baby

2 - to/too

dayum - damn

thnx thx thanx thankiez - thanks

fione - fine

deng - dang

nothin bein etc. - nothin being etc.

peas peac pe3ce - peace

mis miz mizz - miss

sho12ty shortie - shorty

holla - holler

kinki3 kinkee - kinky

dorkie - dorky

shai - shy

"what a moronic child"

See racist



Damn you faggot! i'm gonna kill you for sure this time! you better not show your fugly face to me this sunday! arrrgg!!

I HATE YOU!!!!! I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN you stupid GAY Faggot, cock hungry slut,!


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