What is Isobel?


she is one fit bird! She is found around pubs pulling guys into her web. she would shag them, then steal their wallet.

she is sexy and fit!

but beware this is one gold digger you DONT wana mess with

poor dan met a isobel last night....hes fallen for her...why cant he see her gold digger ways!

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a big hairy beast who is prone to mongering in fools. Is commonly heard yelling 'GET YOUR FOOLS HERE! GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE GAY!'

Beware, can be prone to violent outburts and fits of super gayness.

Oooh watch out, that person there is a right Isobel.

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1. A small, half brown, large chested creature with a foot long tongue commonly found around various areas of London. Rarely seen wearing anything except black, she lurks like a spider in a web waiting to terrify the next person she meets. Typically smoking a customary Marlboro red and wearing ridiculously dangerous clumpy punky gothy shoes, this creature is one to look out for. This creature is partial to croissants and strange pizzas, so if you encounter her, you can offer her one. She will accept.

In general, this creature spends her days drifting from coffee shop to alleyway to pub to park, often accompanied by one of her few acquaintances. A word of advice is not to wander around Soho with this creature late at night. Despite what she tells you, she has no sense of direction, a feature of her personality not greatly aided by her inability to distinguish right from left.

This creature is very interested in pretentiously cultured aspects of society throughout the ages. She even went to a recent social gathering dressed as an Ancient Egyptian god. Geek. She hopes to be admitted to the 'Medea' lectures that her hospital unit is offering, and after that to travel to the Middle East with a spade.

One surefire way to upset this creature is to say "Isobel" in a strange voice. Also, elbowing her in the breasts is a good one too.

"Not her." - What you say when you see Isobel coming.

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A fat hairy slag who tends to attack people with her naked legs

'ERRRRRRRRRRRR! That Isobel just attacked me with her naked hams!'

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