It's Your Birthday

What is It's Your Birthday?


A term of encouragement often used to drunkenly encourage equally intoxicated acquaintances. Rarely used on the subject of encouragement's actual birthdate. Commonly preceeded by "Go (name)" and occasionally followed by, "no it's not, go anyway" when spoken by those in the 8-13 year old age bracket (who are hopefully not drunk).

"Look, Susan's about to dance on the bar!"

"Go Susan, it's your birthday!"


What occurs when you are expelled from your mother's uterus.

When I was born, the doctor slapped my ass and said "Boy, it's your birthday."


Three words that made 50 Cent famous in 1.34 seconds.

My name is Shorty, and it is my birthday.

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The only occasion on which short people are allowed to participate in certain activities, like pick-up basketball games or parties.

(Gary Coleman's birthday)

Gary Coleman: "Yo 50, is it cool if I go to that big party you're throwin' next tonight? G-G-G-Unit."

50 Cent: "Go shorty, it's your birthday."

See Nick D


a remark of celebration

go shorty, it's your birthday

See sekio


when something really cool happens to you, it's your birthday

You aced the exam! Go shorty, it's your birthday.


1. A phrase stating the fact that you have aged another year that day.

2. The saying for when a person is dancing very well.

1. Hey Bob. Guess what? It's your birthday!

2. Go white girl! It's your birthday! It's your Birthday!


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