What is Iyot?


Filipino(Visayan) word for "SEX".

iyot tayo!

let's have sex!


Filipino- Visayanword for sex.


Iyot - Root Word

Giiyot - Got Fucked.

Iyoti - Fuck It (Passive)

Mangingiyot - Photographer (Can you believe it? Yes, this specific WORD means photographer.)

Iyota - Fuck It (Active)

Nagiyot - Had Sex

Gaiyot - Currently Having Sex

NOTE: in Visaya, Uyab is unisex, meaning it stands for both Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Iyot ta. - Let's fuck

Giiyot ko sa akong uyab. - My Girlfriend/Boyfriend fucked me.

Iyoti sa ko karon. - Fuck me for now.

Manong mangingiyot, kuhai sa mi be. - Mr. Photographer, would you please take a photo.

Iyota na! - Fuck it now!

Nagiyot mi kaganina. - We fucked earlier.

Tawagi ko balik, pisti ka! Gaiyot pa mi! - Call me later, you pest! We're having sex.


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