What is Iza?


a girl that has a instant hold on you, perfect in every way.

that chick be iza for me

See perfect, ideal, profound, amazing, interesting


(Noun) An Iza (also known as parasite) is a very annoyingly dramatic self absorbed female, not woman, who doesn't have her drivers license and does not work, and hasn't a day in her life...well maybe ONE day.

She tends to fall for multiple people at once and claims to love both of them so much that the sound of their name is too much to handle for her. She also hates the use of any eye reference, including specific parts (i.e. retina, pupil, cornea, etc.) She also claims to have a laundry list of mental diseases including depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, arachnophobia, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, veinophobia, and anything else that you could possibly think of. She most likely was not diagnosed by any professionals, but because she's read about them on the internet, she just knows she suffers from them.

She will piss and moan about a horrible home life when in reality, her mother waits on her hand and foot while also giving her 20 dollars weekly for lunch money at school. Keep in mind, that she does not actually go to classes, but instead sits in the corner outside of the cafeteria with a bunch of other misfit losers that no one else likes. She has no real ambitions in life besides being a house "wife" so that she can sit at home all day and do nothing besides smoke cigarettes and clean.

She tends to make herself out to be someone with very low self esteem when really she's completely full of herself. She will attempt to get you to sympathize for her by claiming that she's fat or ugly so beware, for if you give into her selfish grasp, she will NEVER let go.

Is obsessed with Johnny Depp, but claims to be a lesbian. Particularly enjoys dressing in a very slutty manner in order to attract the wandering eyes of most heterosexual males in order to feel good about herself. Men beware, she will flirt with you until the cows come home but will not open her legs unless you have a vagina...or at least that's what she'll claim.

Too ward off an Iza, either throw chocolate at her foaming mouth, or continually scream any of the following words...






-Judaism (or any reference to such religion.)


-Vein (or in her case 'vain' seeing how she doesn't know the difference.)

-Macey or Hayden



I'd be here for days if I continued and the bitch ain't worth it.

To sum it up, she's a complete waste of life.

Tim- "Wow, she's one hot chick."

Dave- "Be careful, she's totally an Iza."

Tim- "Oh you're right, she's kissing that one girl...and that other one too!"

Dave- "She just can't make up her mind...poor Iza."


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