What is Izzardian?


I lover/follower of a Trani God known as Eddie Izzard.*


Any action reminding one of the BritishcomedianEddie Izzard.

David coughed in an Izzardian fashion to cover the fact that he didn't remember the date of his brother's wedding.

Like a true Izzardian, William always thought of James Mason's voice when he imagined having a conversation with God.

*Note: This is not a true religion, if it was I'd be at church right now, not typing this out.

See eddie izzard, god, comedy, transvestite, church, bees, cake, death, squirrels, flags, rebels, france, frisco, the city, vinaigrette, jeezy creezy, holy ghost, shaggy, hairnets, the great escape, steve mcqueen, rwanda


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