J Bag

What is J Bag?


A jehovah's witness, especially any of the door to door solicitors

Those fucking j bags came right while I was in the middle of taking a shit!

See douche bag, d bag, jehovah's witness, jehovah, annoying


a j bag is a jobby, poo, a tommy tit, a hot one, a grey friars booby, a barry white etc...

that fruit is playing havoc with my insides, i have done 2 j bags today!

See jobby, barry white, poo


a condom or a rubber

Hey slut get the J bag ready, it's your turn...

See j-bag, rubber, jonny, johnny, condom


to call someone a j-bag is like calling them a jerk off

Buster at work is really being a J BAG.

See jizz bag, jitt bag, jerkoff, asshole


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