J D Salinger

What is J D Salinger?


J D Salinger Jerome David Salinger is an American Author who has passed into legendary status due to his works, The Catcher In The Rye, Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey etc.

his work centres around disaffection, rebellion, Zen, philosophy and the fictional Glass family. Young children are often seen to offer salvation to those corrupted by the world.

His legendary status is also confirmed by his withdrawal from the publishing world around forty years ago. He has not published any work since this time and currently lives in Cornish, New Hampshire, in a house reported to be full of floor-to-ceiling cabinets containing unpublished works. Attempts to discover more about Salinger have always ended in failure. He just doesn't want people to know!

Over-enthusiastic literature student: "I'm gonna go meet my hero, J D Salinger!"

Jaded yet horny literature professor: "Shut up I'm trying to take advantage of the trust and respect of my female students to get them into bed."

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