Ja Rule'd

What is Ja Rule'd?


To have all of your rap street cred and lies about your life exposed so much by a rival MC, that you lose about 90% of your fan base....

While being "Ja Rule'd"...a rapper might call up a radio station so irate that they sound like a complete jack ass...while their opponent is as cool as a fan...

As of February 3rd....rapper Rick Ross...who lied about his life as a rich drug dealer..and was exposed as being a former officer of the law...(a CO is an OFFICER of Law Enforcement)...was exposed by 50 cent when 50 flew up Ross's Baby mother...who Ross doesnt give money to..not even for his own kid...and had her expose him.... Later 50 took care of her and her friend by taking them shopping...while suggesting that there would be some sex later...

Ross called up Hot97...pissed...and speaking so uncool..and unlike his usual BOSS character, that he sounded like a whole different person....

He was Ja Rule'd!

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