What is Jack Bauer Power Hour?


24, the goddamn best show on television.

Jack Bauer will fucking own you.

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The timeslot where "24" is televised. Literally, an hour (minus commercials) of Jack Bauer (bad-ass counter-terrorist agent played by Keifer Sutherland) using his power (knocking off the bad guys in bad-ass ways).

Dude, want to head downtown, have a few beers and grab some tail?

What are you, nuts? Jack Bauer Power Hour's on! I don't even answer the phone!


College-going fans have developed a drinking game in which you have to down one shot for every time Jack Bauer says "Damn it," which is the show's "Fuck" and "Shit" substitute.

"During one episode, by the end of the show there had to be fourteen 'Damn its.' I could just see all those college kids going, "Oh Fuck!" and "What a great jack bauer power hour..."

-Kiefer Sutherland, Rolling Stone >> April 20, 2006

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During the show 24 instead of taking a shot every time jack says dammit, everyone I know takes a sip of beer every time they say Jack or Bauer, and 2 drinks for every time they say Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer Power Hour

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