What is Jackhammer?


1. A sexual manuver of constant re-penetration; basically taking the dick in an out of the vagina (or anus) repeatedly, in a 'jackhammer'-like motion / or jacking off on a chick's face from a really short distance away

2. a prototype 'automatic' shotgun (worked with a feeding mechanism much like a revolver), was designed by John Andersen, it fires 12 gauge rounds, in a 10 shot 'magazine', has a ROF of approximately 4 shots per second. These are not really in any form of production

" Dude, I jackhammered pretty good her last night, she can barely walk now"

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A sexual position similar to Doggystyle, but you lift her legs off the ground. Then you stand, forcing her body to be arranged at a downward angle. It is named for the resemblence of a construction worker pounding away on a jackhammer

Jim: Can we go fr Doggy tonight?

Alicia: Doggy is getting boring, lets mix it up, JACKHAMMER ME!!

Jim: Who's your daddy bitch

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the sexual act of a man repeatitively penetrating a woman's entry hole with rapid up and down movements similiar to that of a jackhammer

Alex jackhammered Jody so hard that she could not walk the next day.


sex move in which - holding chick’s ankles as man is standing up and chick dangles with shoulders resting on ground or lower surface

I gave her the jackhammer

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1. A large power drill used in construction

2. the act of stealing your buddies hammer after he helped you build that extension for your house.

He beat Jim over the head with a jackhammer

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Have your girlfriend kneel on the floor, with her back against the wall, and begin to give you head. Once she gets the rhythm going, push your entire penis into her mouth. When she starts to gag, there’ll be a recoil reaction. Then when she bangs the back of her head off the wall, she’ll be slammed back into the gagging position. If you continue to push and pump your penis into her mouth, this should result in a successful Jackhammer. Repeat as necessary.

For added suction, plug her nose once the Jackhammer has been achieved. This is pleasurable for both the man and the woman. This is also a variation of the air-tight seal.

Scott heard a loud and rapid thumping noise coming from his room mate's bedroom. He opened the door to see if there was a problem. He was relieved to tits bouncing, arms flailing and a smile on his buddy's face. Bill was face-fucking his girlfriend against the wall. Jackhammer!

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Jackhammer is a really fast shooting shotgun which can open doors. Usually used by special assault teams of the police.

A. Wow that's been fun

B: Yeah, he hammered the door open like jack himself


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