What is Jackhole?


Portmanteau of "Jackass" and "Asshole".

Originated as a name by radio personalities Kevin and Bean (from KROQ-FM in Los Angeles) as a way of calling somebody a nasty name without actually breaking FCC edicts against foul language.

Darl McBride is a jackhole for trying to sue the Linux community for something he doesn't own.


1. A combination of the words "jackass" and "asshole". Often used on the radio, because the FCC lets it through. Assumed to have the same impact as "fucktard" or similar words.

2. Jackhole Industries -- the production company of Daniel Kellison, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. They produced shows such as "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers."

"That jackhole... nearly cut me right off the road."


To clarify, it was Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla who invented the word while they were working on the Kevin & Bean morning show on KROQ.

Ah, those were the days.

Doc, the news guy, is a complete and utter jackhole!!

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more than a jackass, more than an asshole--he's a jackhole.

That jackhole just stole my parking space!

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A mixture between a jackass and an asshole. It is way better than both because it sounds much more offensive and no one knows what it means. It can be used in many different forms.

"I can see your jackhole you jackoff"

"That kid is such a jackhole. What a toolbag."

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The combination of jackass and asshole without the profane word of ass.

Newman is such a jackhole.


An undesireable person, a jerk.

As in: "I don't hang around with Jon anymore, he is a total Jackhole.

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