What is Jackman?


The word Jackman first showed up in the mid to later 1980's and originates from the Island of Maui, Hawaii. The 1st meaning of the word Jackman is a reference that women used to describe a man who could completely and throughly sexually satisfy them with the target referent individual a notied local named "Jack Martin". It was said that his smooth approach, sexual skills, prowess, endurance and imagination were second to none, leaving the fortunate woman 100% satisfied having only hopes of another(see)jakattack future engagement. (see 1)

The 2nd meaning, recorded mid 1997 on the mainland Portland, Oregon, is indeed a derivitive of the first yet has a suttle difference. This 2nd meaning describes a feeling of contentment, fulfillment and expectation of a positive outcome or future; as in: "seeing G W Bush go all the way to Bagdad was jackman!" Sometimes mixed with the fisrt meaning only if the situation is germane. (see 2)

The 3rd and present meaning is evolved from somewhat from the other two. "Jackman" is now heard in the context of of positive expectation of performance or outcome or to describe that trait to someone, mostly males as given by females. The confidence of a positive known outcome; as in: "just one more little piece and our deal will be jackman!" (see 3)

1. (two local ladies talking) Eh sista, whooa, dat brada, he put da machine in high geer,,ee ya. shudda seen'em, he lick me like hungry black dog en never quit longtime oouh, leaven me like was "jackman".

2. (one postal worker commenting to another) "Ya know, after dat dere 9'er eleven thingie, whelll, Kine-da got me a lee'ttle unhinged, abit, yep it shore duzz. Eh just what da ya thing about that there Enrico Jesus?".." I tell you what pops, chew know watt I thin? Huhn, I thin that G.W. Bush know the deserts of Texas, know where the bad guy are there, and know what to do whit ole he found there.. same thin, he know watt to do in desert, where bad guy and watt to do whit ole, that gonna be jackman man"

3. After years of practiced incremental growth and wise stewardship the two partners were poised to make the final evolution with the business, "great presentation J. you knocked them dead, we have them right were we want them, just one more little piece and our deal will be jackman!" "Hey, you know how sensitive I am, just call me Jack, ok?"

(I was there and saw the whole thing)MM


Some who constantly jacks off all day, or several times a day.

That dude Greg is a real jackman look at the size of his right arm.


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