Jackson Browne

What is Jackson Browne?


The mental state one feels, or is in, when going long periods without sleep.

Based on Jackson Brownes hit 1977 Running on empty... stats to follow:

Released December 6, 1977 on Asylum Records (6E 113)

(RIAA Certified Gold on 12/28/77 and Platinum on 8/25/78)

(RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum on 12/12/97. 5 Million Sold)

(RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum again on 9/6/01 for 7 Million Sold)

Whew man, I'm a little Jackson Browne today... I need to catch some shut eye.

Question: How do you do it? You work all day and party all night...

Response: Jackson Browne man, Jackson Browne...

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a small band that sang songs like "running on empty" or "doctor my eyes". Also, they were popular more on the west coast rather than the east.

My surfer pals and I surfed to Jackson Browne until 3 of us got killed at a clam bake.

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