What is Jackson Liberty High School?


one of by far the worse school's ever home of mr.mcdouchebag mr.bitchnolla. and ms kissmybutler. it costed 7 billion dollars to build which is more then it cost the united states to buy alaska. the kids there are cool even though this one clique runs it. the also have the worst school nurse ever who gives you "saltines" for everything

toms river student- dude what school you in

jackson liberty high school student- jackson liberty.

toms river student- dude you suck

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The "sister" school of Jackson Memorial in Jackson,NJ. This school is filled with new freshmen who think their hot shit, and the other classes who think their the shit. This is the school where everyone sucks at sports, except for the girls field hockey. All the boys varsity teams are horrible, and is a disgrace to jackson. All the teachers are oldheads, and everyone is best friends with the substitutes. The pep rallys for this school are horrible and everyone would rather be by lwood(lakewood) smoking weed. Half the school smoke weed and the other half are virgins till their grave. This is the school where it looks and smells like a prison. The technology is cool, but still a prison. The lunchrooms are known is where people talk shit about someone, and when one of the lunch ladies is a whore. Normally people find out who was talking shit and have a little argument in the hallway, which everyone stops and have to see, then go home and talks about it on Myspace. Basically the worst school in New Jersey, and Jackson Memorial is so much better

jackson liberty high school

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