What is Jackson Memorial High School?


The best school in Jackson, New Jersey, despite how poor and disheveled it is. Millions of dollars were wasted on building a new school across town, when that money could have been used to renovate the present school, but we're alright with that. The nurse gives you crackers and Perino can smell a cell phone from a mile away, but it's chill. We're the best at every sport and we have the best school colors; red and black. Come on. Gray and red can't compare. It's dirty, it's old, it's got over a thousand different kids in it, but we like it that way.

JLHS Student: Guys, we just got a pool! A POOL! And we have smartboards and wireless internet, and clean hallways, and laptops, and--

JMHS Student: That's no excuse. Liberty is still shit compared to Jackson Memorial High School.

JLHS Student: But we're good at sports!

JMHS Student: ... Kill yourself.

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