What is Jacktard?


a portmanteau of jackass and retard that is also used to insult people

hilarity often insues

that jacktard sold his car for the gas money

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Combination of a jack ass and a retard

You jacktard you really dont know what your doing do you?

See Boogyman


When you are such a dumb ass that calling you a jackass or a tard isn't enough.

Yo that dude is the biggest jacktard I have ever seen.

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a mixture between a jack ass and a retard

Your such a jacktard

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a jackass who is also a retard

That jacktard just cut me off!


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A cross between a jackass and a retard.

Berback is such a jacktard.

See jackass, retard, ass, asstard


basically one of the greatest words ever. Also used as an extreme yet hilarious insult.

c-dav: humps the wall

drew: dude stfu you jacktard


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