What is Jacky?


A person who gets all they can for their money.

"HEY! How come my lobster is smaller?"

"wow... you are such a Jacky!"

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A male who is athletic, smart, and friendly. Excels in all aspects, especially sports, mathematics and science.

You passed again? You're a Jacky!

See jacky, smart, clever, friendly, athletic


Jacky is pretty darn awesome. I nerd at heart. Has lots of rad friends. And music is her life.

Jacky, wow you are awesome!

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A dorky and nerdy Asian guy who's crazy beyond all recognition. Usually restrained but goes all out when socially active. Great with math, horrible with english.

Wow! You're totally Jacky-ing it up at the party last night.


A tall, sexy chinese guy who's left eyebrow sometimes disappears; he's still cooler than most people though

Jacky is not a girl, but a guy-- and is known to turn red when he shits

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Someone who greatly enjoys Musicals (example: High School Musical & Wicked). Has exotic lovers known as Kimmy, Stefan, Mary and Daniel. Tends to roll both ways. Very energetic and random. And has an obsession for the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Someone who is short, cute, and fluffy, like your neighbors puppydog. Either you hate her or love her, either way she's on your mind.

"Oh snap, you just pulled a jacky!"

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A nickname for a person that denies masterbating because they think it will get them picked on.

Jacky, boy you know you wack it! Don't Lie!

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