Jager Night

What is Jager Night?


a rowdy night of throwing up voilently, fighting friends, fighting cops, taking off your clothes, disappearing randomly, setting things on fire, random unprotected sex with people and/or animals, club hopping, doing drugs, urinating in strange or public places, having no fear, loss of consideration for your own well being or the well being for others, killing hookers, walking untold miles, etc. all due to being under the influence of jagermeister. the things you do on a jager night are usually told to you the following day if you are located and not in prison for numerous charges. you may also be able to avoid your sentencing by telling the judge that it was a jager night.

judge: "what do you have to say about your charges of vandalism, sodomy, three counts of manslaughter, robbery at gunpoint, grand theft auto... the list goes on and on..."

plantiff: "your honor... all i have to say for myself is that last night was one helll of a jager night."

judge: "why the hell didnt you say that in the first place!? not guilty! case closed! get this man out of my courtroom."

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