Jaguar Off

What is Jaguar Off?


also "haguar off"

this is a honduran term which is pronounced "haguar off" becaue their "j"'s are "h"'s and stuff like that.

it basically means "fuck off" or "fuck you" because jaguars used to come into the villages and the villagers would have to chase them off and that's what they would yell. but in spanish of course, but us damn english people have to change everything to english, don't we?

you can also just say "jaguar!" and it's like saying "fuck" or "shit".

ex. 1

Jeff: you're ugly.

Angela: jaguar off!

Jeff: okay.


Jeff: jaguar! i failed my math test!


Jeff: jaguar! i left the oven on!

See jaguar, fuck you, fuck off, fuck


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