What is Jakie?


Glasgow slang for an alcoholic

ah you fucking jakie


A scottish word for an alcoholic/drunkard/tink. Can usually be found living in a cardboard box wearing a worn out leather jacket and sporting an unshaven beard. Main characteristic: Strong smell of pish.

'Those jakies downstairs won't shut the fuck up, one of them was lying unconscious at the gate this morning with an empty bottle of white storm.'

See alcoholic, drunk, boozer, absinthe, wasted, emo


West coast slang for an alcoholic (mainly Glasgow).

Look at the jakie drinking off the pavement.

See pseudonym


West coast Scotland term for a chav / ned / pikie / jakie, easily identifiable by their tracksuits (trackies) Thomas Burberry baseball caps and other assorted burberry accessories.

This breed of scumbag is also known for how their balls grow larger when in a crowd of jakies or in a 12 yr old Vauxhall Nova.

The larger the grouping of jakies is directly proportional to the size their balls have grown over their natural size (which is generally very small).

person 1 "Look at those silly looking jakie fucks"

person 2 "yeah, their balls have grown so large they must think that Vauxhall Nova is a Sherman Tank."


tacky, tasteless, mismatched

Jess, take that hideous outfit off. It looks so jakie!!


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