What is Japan?


The country with the world's best toilets.

On Japanese toilets you can get a spray, or bidet, with the push of a button.


The land of the rising sun.

A island nation to the east near Korea.

Often overrated by anime junky.

Many people in North American and parts of Europe have many misconceptions about Japan. Many believe that the country lives, eats, sleeps, and breaths anime and people still walk around with swords and ninja and shoguns are still about. Even though weapons have been banned from civilians for years. Many people think Japan invented anime, well they are wrong all they did was improve on the idea of Disney cartoons that American GI’s brought over for entertainment. The reason why anime is where it’s at today is because you don’t have people who say animation is for kids nor do you have television producers saying.”You can’t put that on TV because its violent.”

The school system in japan is great even though they sometimes go to school 6 days a week depending on the school. Although Japan has little shootings “about 30 a year” more people just get stabbed. Teen suicide much like the rest of Asia is sky high because of the requirements of the Japanese school system.

Electronics in Japan are advanced even though 90% of them where invented in the US or other places. They go to Japan to become improved or mass produced. Stuff in Japan can be EXTREMELY expensive. A small two bedroom one bathroom apartment in Tokyo can cost around $700,000 US dollars.

Japan’s history is varied. From Shoguns and warriors of the feudal era to the atrocities of WW2 to stories of honor and respect. Although Japanese history classes are very vague on their history and their role in it.

Most Japanese people like the western influence because it made Japan the way it is today. Even though it involved the US dropping two atomic bombs on them and they hate they enjoy that the fact the US made them what it is. So it’s a trade off. *That part right there I got from interviewing a Japanese exchange student.*

Japan as a physical country is a really neat place. From mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes to the sandy and rocky beaches. Japan is a land of beauty.

So in all Japan is really a nice country and a great place to visit if you got the money to. But it is not a promise land so many people believe. Having been to Japan my self a few times I must say go to Japan for the culture beyond anime and electronics and the high-rises of the major cities and see the sights. Also don’t think of Japan as you see in anime and games think of it as a real country with real people like you and me. A good thing to if you go to Japan is to read up the different festivals and go to them. I guaranty your trip will be worth it.

Japan is a nice place to visit but not to live. Unless you got lot's of money.


1) World's second largest single economy (disregarding Eurozone).

2) World class producers of automobiles.

3) World class producers of small electronic gizmos with no readily identifiable use.

4) World class producers of animated tentacle-rape porn, disturbingly....

5) One of the few countries to feature vending machines with schoolgirl knickers in.

6) Has really perfected the *art* of toilet making. Music and automatic scent release, from a toilet shaped like a mouth? Fantastic!

7) Has the world's second largest defence budget, in real terms.

8) Doesn't seem to do much with that money. One can only assume that a giant robot godzilla is around the corner.

9) Limited land area. One can only ski for a short distance before smacking into the side of a cooperative bank.

Japan. An odd place to visit.


Bizarre. Just a very, very bizarre and frightening place. It's the only nation where one can buy both porn and women's underwear from that freaky vending machine a block away from your cramped apartment.

Women should stay FAR away from any crowded place, because it's more that probable that she'll get groped at least six times before she gets back to her hotel room. If she's lucky.

Dude, I just got back from Japan. I'm fucking broke, but I got these DVD's where cartoon 12-year-olds get reamed by giant tentacle monsters. I feel dirty inside.


A very brutal country. You can buy almost everything you can dream of from vending machines. Famous for anime, manga, and disgusting porn (scatophagy, vomit, violent rape, hentai). A peaceful, polite country on the surface with a violent undertone. Overcrowded; surprisingly clean; extremely high smoking rate; obssessed with electronic gadgets; biggest producer economical, quality but also ugly-looking automobiles.

Their music includes cute j-pop to ultra-brutal grindcore. Suicide rate is high, people are nationalistic.

I am going to visit Japan this weekend, should I bring my machine gun?

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A country disliked by surrounding countries, especially Korea. ( Though there are many Koreans who admire and embrace the Japanese culture) Its bad relationship developed from unpleasant past and government problems between the two. It is economically wealthy and traditional or stereotypical Japanese people are known to be quiet and polite on the outside and have quite different feelings on the inside.

I personally believe Koreans should not hate the Japanese people because many just have the wrong idea about Korea and its history. Although, I do hate the government and its actions in the past and present.

Also some people have claimed Korea is like Japan and have copied them, but in truth, Japan has actually stolen many customs of China and Korea.

I apologize for my form of writing. I tried not being too biased but I could not help it.


A country on the east coast of asia That many north american anime lovers dream of visiting and assimilating to. A country in which these Japanese wannabes think the country lives and breathes nothing but anime and video games but in reality they are just like any other country in the world and just happens to be the birth place of anime and certain electronics etc.

(Japan Lover From north america) Oh wow I love anime! I will go to Japan one day cuz everyone there loves anime like me. And everywhere I go there will be young horny schoolgirls, arcades, DDR, anime stores, and rare japanese video games. I am gonna learn to speak japanese too and move there cuz I wish I was japanese.

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