What is Jayseven?


The act of inserting the head of ones penis into a fruit, usually a peach or well prepared pineapple.

It is also a commonly used slang term to refer to when a homosexual man eats a pineapple ring that is positioned on his lovers erect phallus

1. Kigan eagerly and gently jayseven'd the unsuspecting peach

2. Kazuki opened the tin of pineapple rings, as he prepared to Jayseven Mark and Tom from Blink 182

See Zeikfried


A process where by one uses purple trend marks to create an artistic effect. But such an approach is often demeaned and creates a disliking among the homophobic, and soon starts to fade away. But the art of Jayseven is often resurrected, and seeks attention, so using Caps Lock in IRC consistently is a well approached. In recent years, the art of Jayseven has slowly become more powerful among the masses, and has even become a form of Nazi moderation, and bullying of other arts.but in order to take the critical masses attention away from the bullying, listen to soothing orientated music such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers is often taken under hand, creating the illusion of normality.

To wreak Jayseven on a thread:

Your sig is squashed, not a enough purple and furthermore LOCKED

See Athriller


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