What is J00b?


A jewish n00b

OMG your such a j00b


A cross between a j00 and a n00b. Applies to an online game player, or any other person, that steals money or items of value and behaves like a 3 year old.

Rofl! That j00b just stole 10k of my money and got his ass kicked by that high level!


It is a Java n00b. basically sucks at gaming

Ohhh! Head Shot, what a j00b!

See poofinger


Someone who is somehow a n00b at being Jewish. A j00b may be uncircumcised, eat pork regularly, or have no strong religious beliefs.

Dude you left that penny on the ground, you are such a j00b!

See judaism, noob, circumcision, n00bz0rz, religion, pork


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