What is J-dog?


who wears a mask with a dollar bill glued tohis mouth and bloddy tears. J-dog is a memeber of hollywood undead.

J-dog says:What, Say what the fuck, Six shooters up, now what the fuck …. point them up. Who's down to ride, who's down to ride, Undead pop shots we're down to die.Who's down to die who's down to die, Undead pop shots, we're bound to ride. Black hat side ways white bold LA, flat on your back leave you smoked like an ashtray. Wig split face ripped, nod if you're listenin' shot to the cross Leave you dead like a Christian. Pop Pop, your heart just stops stops, when I just cock cock, my gun cause I shoot for fun that's how the west was won. I sell an ounce and then I sell two more, then I come to collect with the pistol 44. There's some truth to that, About the weed or the gat, you may never know, just leave it at ...

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