Jealous Mealous

What is Jealous Mealous?


1. Referred to someone who is in the state of being very strongly envious of someone else's advantages or belongings.

2. Can also be used as a nickname, defined as the above.


Person A: "Gosh, I hate her. She's so talented and she's really pretty and her boyfriend is just amazing..."

Person B: "Ooh, do I hear someone coveting?"

Person A: "Psh, I'm not jealous. Just saying..."

Person B: "Oh, you're such a jealous mealous, don't deny it."


Person 1: "This car sucks... I wish I had one of those nice, shiny sports cars like that one guy has..."

Person 2: "Whatever, Mr. Jealous Mealous..."

See jealous, covet, covent, jealousy, envy, greed


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