Jedi Pimp

What is Jedi Pimp?


1. A type of pimp, who's game stays wrapped so tight the ladies get wet from the sound of his voice. Thus called a Jedi mind trick.

2. Someone trained in the martial art of fucking alot of sluts.

3. A man useing such tools as a bag full of game, the slut scope, and the ever popular 'LD', has the ability to pull multiple hat tricks, and even the the ocassionally four bagger.

Oh shit, grab your girls a Jedi Pimp just walked in.


Someone who wheels brauds and fucks them at random not giving a fuck who they are or what they're name is, cuz it's all about the pussy

Jake from romp is the true Jedi Pimp!


someone who is fucking slick and smooth, someone who can work with the ladies

look at that jedi pimp with all the girls mang!


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