What is Jeeez?


Jeeez formated from jeeez

Can be used in multiple ways.

Look at the examples for usage.

Dismissal: Jeeez off.

Greeting: JEEeeEeez!

Threat: I'll jeeez you up so bad, you'll wish I had never jeeezed you up so bad.

Anger: god damn motha fuckin jeeez!

Sadness: Jeeez…

Surprise: Jumpin jeeezers Jim Jam!

Sexual: Buff my jeeez.

Basically it can be used almost any way you want. Those are just some examples to cram in your nug bone to think about for a while until the jeeezness rises up within you. Sooner or later, you too, will be jeeezin all over the walls.


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