Jelly Bean

What is Jelly Bean?


Someone who acts/plays hard headed, but really is soft at heart. Like how a jelly bean is hard on the ouside and soft in the middle.

"Thats my brother, Ant. I call him jelly bean. Hard headed on the outside, soft on the inside."

From the movie; ATL

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n. a person who is jealous of you because they suck taint

Andrew was being a jelly bean because I'm overly-talented.

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another word for the lesbian sex fetish of licking mushrooms and rubbing the mushrooms on their clit the type of mushroom is usually the ones that grow on the inbetween of hairy sweaty man toes or armpits

hey dude that girl just jelly beaned her self while that other chick sat on her face

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The most ownage food in the world wayy better than candy corn

wtf jelly beans own candy corn noob


To plave your anus on the tip of someones nose while they are sleeping.


It could be looked at as the type of candy, but it makes a wonderful nicknamefor those handsome and adorable silly boys. Preferably to those with the name of Alex.

Bella: Hey there Jelly Bean.

Alex: What? I'm not a Jelly Bean.

Bella: But you are because your silly.

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hott (sexxy) girl

natlie is a jelly bean


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