Jelly Belly

What is Jelly Belly?


Only the greatest brand of confectionary ever invented. The jelly beans come in many different (but equally tasty) flavours including my personal faves tutti-frutti and toasted marshmallow

jelly belly is goooood


The act of pulling out of a girls vagina directly before ejaculation and covering her stomach in hot man jam

I didnt wanna get that bitch pregnant so I snatched and gave her a jelly belly

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A famous American candy company started in the early 1900s. They were the first to concoct jelly bean flavors that were not resembling fruits. "Jelly Belly" is also a way to simply refer to the company's brand of jelly beans. No other jelly bean's flavors can even come close to the immense variety of Jelly Belly flavors (50 original flavors). And, they're only 4 calories a bean!

Avoid Mango and Jalapeno jelly belly beans at all costs. XD

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Large and somewhat protruding stomach found on a man similar to a pregnant woman in her second trimester due to late nights binges at Nan Ling, Wendy's, and other fast food establishments combined with sheer laziness and an unused gym membership.

When is the last time you went to the gym? That jelly belly is getting pretty big.

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A fat person.

She is a right jelly belly.


A small store located in a mall area next to a park.

A hellhole for intelligent, individual workers who have to go through a day of smiles and greetings for people who don't give a fuck.

A place where parents lack common sense and don't take care of their kids, and don't fucking listen when you tell them how fast the candy comes out of the bins.

A place where people expect things to be handed to them, not thinking for themselves, nor have even common courtesy.

Kid screaming: I WANNA GO TO JELLY BELLY!!!

Parent: Sure honey!

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a person who is so fat they can't even fit through a double door. also a person who wobbles when they walk

OMG check out that Jelly Belly!!

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