What is Jellyfishing?


A sport enjoyed by the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom. i.e Spongebob

Spongebob:Squidward won't come jellyfishing with us!


when a woman realises she has crapped her pants (underwear) she then begins to do what is known as "jellyfishing" this is where she crosses her legs in a tight bow, lowers the stereotypical 1960s long skirt she is wearing and scoops the mess into her handbag, she then flings the handbag into the nearest ocean and jellyfish (confused and aroused) swarm the handbag and are momenteraly dissapointed.

Gregory : GOOD GOD!

Stanley : What is it man?

Gregory : That woman just shat in her purse!

Wilma : its a classic case of jellyfishing that is.


See now, that, bridge, have, trolls, under, it, jellyfishing, handbag, skirt, ocean


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