What is Jengay?


Jenga + Gay

A person who always middle block of the three in a game of Jenga, knowing that it's stopping the game from being more extreme (Even though Jenga is already a pretty intense game). The usual process is that when a player removes a middle block from the game, the other contestants shot 'Jengay!' angrily, and may decide to throw playing pieces at the Jengay in question.

Another disputed rule is that one three consecutive players perform a 'Jengay' move, then the removal of a middle block becomes acceptable. However, this is not accepted by all players. In any case, it is acceptable to remove a middle block when a player has no other choice, and a majority decides not to call him a Jengay. Their call.

*player removes middle block*

All: "JENGAY!"


See jenga, gay, extreme, board, game, angry


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